HPC Marketing is one of the few marketing and sales consulting practices focusing on Supercomputing and the HPC ecosystem. We understand the complexities of your technologies and the unique nature of your market.  We will help you solve problems, build skills, align marketing/business/sales plans, and implement the processes your company needs to compete and thrive.

A Marketing & Sales Consulting Practice

for Advanced Technology Companies


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Bob Feldman,

President of HPC Marketing, has been consulting for and writing about the HPC and technical computing marketplace for more than 25 years.* He has worked closely with marketing and executive teams at companies including Intel, Etnus TotalView, Thinking Machines, HP and others to bring to market and expand sales of a wide variety of products including hardware, applications, compilers, debuggers, storage, and more.

His award-winning writing has earned an Emmy Award nomination, four International Telly Awards, a White House appointment and contributions to publications such as insideHPC, HPCwire and The Exascale Report. Bob is also a presenter and moderator at conferences such as HPCC—USA Newport.


978-618-6108 (near Boston, USA)

*Since 1980, Bob has worked for and with with companies offering a wide variety of technologies, ranging from supercomputers to middleware, storage, data mining, simulation, software development tools, internet commerce, wireless applications, environmental services, embedded and realtime, product testing and certification, localization and more.


Welcome to HPC Marketing

We provide expert advice and high quality deliverables including planning, branding, PR, writing, social networking, creative services, coaching, product launch, trade show strategies, and skill building. You get:

  1. BulletAccomplished, expert resources with 25+ years experience in scientific computing

  2. BulletHands on experience with large and small HPC clients such as Intel, Etnus TotalView, HP, and Thinking Machines

  3. BulletHighly effective, well-designed communications, campaigns, collateral, presentations, social networking, PR and events

  4. BulletEffective analysis, trouble-shooting and coaching for marketing and sales

  5. BulletCreativity in communications, language and problem-solving

  6. BulletA trustworthy, neutral sounding board for your ideas and vision

  7. BulletA conduit to talented service providers to supplement your own network

  8. BulletTailored services. No canned multi-step programs or cookie cutter templates. It’s about your business and your goals

  9. BulletFlexibility. You decide on the frequency and amount of service you need. You are not locked in to any long-term agency-style commitment. We prove our value every day.

  10. BulletAdded value derived from years of management consulting and training in principles of quality and continuous process improvement

  11. We work with companies at all stages of maturity from startups to Fortune 100.

  12. Contact us for a no-obligation discussion of your marketing and sales challenges, objective and projects. 

  13. Phone 978-618-6108 (near Boston, USA)

  14. Email: Info@hpcmarketing.com


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